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Camp Reimagined and Retreat Centers

Imagine a camp with its legend and lore preserved for generations because we reimagined and planned for the next generation of authentic experiences for campers, guests and staff.

Meet the Team


Meet the Team


Imagine a camp with a wait list because the stories about your camp are alive with a sense of adventure, community and belonging, and opportunities for growth and development. Imagine a camp that thrives year in and year out because of the planning and the foundation that you lay today. 


As a holistic design firm, we truly believe a successful camp design or master plan is rooted in understanding your organization as a whole - the people, the culture, and the experiences. We customize our services to meet your needs – whether you are looking for a full master plan, creative architectural solutions to convert a barn into a full-fledged activity center, innovative site utility design, or simply need a sounding board for your next project… We are here to help! 


We capture the spirit that makes your camp special—now and into the future.

Camp Reimagined and Retreat Center Services

Master Planning and Site Assessments
Criteria Design and Construction Documents
Support Services Design


Prevent "Waste"ful Spending - How to Get Nice Amenities and Necessary Infrastructure

Owners, directors, and operators of camps are responsible for finding the balance between great programs and camper experiences and the infrastructure that makes it all work. But what if you didn’t have to choose? What if you could have the nice amenities that attract paying customers, the necessary infrastructure to make sure it works, and extra dollars too?

Research & Innovation

The ACA research team supports and facilitates rigorous research in order to expand the value and visibility of the camp experience and provide research-informed resources for camps.