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We provide holistic design support needed to help you maintain your project vision and realize your project goals.

Criteria Design and Construction Documents

The devil is in the details! Moving from dreams to implementation can be a difficult transition where the spirit of camp is often lost. With our camp design experience, we can help you maintain your project vision and successfully bridge this important transition.

Moving from master planning into project implementation is an exciting, yet critical juncture where dreams developed as part of the master plan are ready to be transformed into practical design solutions that capture the initial inspiration and design intent. Environmental Design Group can help translate the momentum built during the planning process with criteria and detailed design documents that balance technical solutions and creative expressions with affordable outcomes while staying true to the project vision.


With an integrated project team of licensed architects, landscape architects, engineers, and ecological scientists, we provide holistic design support to realize any project. Whether you need full construction and permit documents or help making sure that the design details meet your needs, we are here to help.

Criteria Design and Construction Document Services

  • Peer Review
  • Pre-Design
  • Criteria Design Documents
  • Bid, Permit, and Construction Documents
  • Cost Estimates
  • QA/QC and Constructability Reviews
  • Project Delivery and Project Team Selection
  • Construction Administration
  • Architecture, Landscape, and Site Infrastructure Design

Criteria Design and Construction Document Projects