Boston Heights, Ohio


The Camp Ledgewood water system improvements not only increased water availability across the campground, but also enhanced safety for visitors by providing a fire suppression system.

Camp Ledgewood Water System Improvements

Camp Ledgewood is a campground operated by the Girl Scouts of Northeast Ohio spanning over 350 acres of land, including a dining hall, activity center, and varying camping accommodations. This project included the design of a drinking water and fire suppression system for all existing and proposed buildings on the campgrounds, including the design of a Water Treatment Plant.

With demand expected to grow, and new buildings proposed for the Camp Ledgewood property, the need for a reliable water supply was clear. Our team provided expertise for the design of the water system, decommissioning of the existing water treatment system, treatment plant, and fire supression system, as well as agency coordination, permitting, and construction of the systems themselves. The new water system will provide a consistent source of clean water for the campground and will be easier to monitor and maintain due to its automatic operation.