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GIS Services

Geographic Information System (GIS) is more than just mapping; it is a system of record for capturing location information about anything that fills space over time in the real world. The information provided explores/compares patterns and relationships among objects and space through unique visualizations. These resources enable the user to gain deeper insights and alternate perspectives of innumerable variables related to a project location that can help determine design, budget, usage, and forecasting.


Environmental Design Group is always in step with the latest technologies and innovations related to our services and is proud to provide the industry with GIS services. GIS is a computer system that captures, stores, checks, and displays data related to specific, unique locations. Through the expertise of our trained GIS professionals, we can assemble more detailed data and analytics related to your project to assist in planning and management.

Meet the Team


Meet the Team

GIS Mapping Technology

Our experienced team utilizes industry-leading Esri ArcGIS technologies to provide our clients with GIS solutions to solve challenging spatial and location information-based problems. Whether the need is a custom mapping solution, analytics, data creation/collection, infrastructure and asset management or inventories, we can provide you with unmatched GIS mapping services to meet and exceed your project expectations.


GIS services include, but are not limited to:

  • Data
    • Creations
    • Conversion
    • Processing
  • Analytics
    • Spatial
    • Location
    • Demographic
  • Cartography & Mapping
    • Small/Large-Scale Mapping
    • Custom Web Mapping Applications
  • GPS/GNSS Services
    • Asset Inventories
    • Utilities
    • Construction
    • Engineering
  • Management
    • Asset Management Systems
    • GIS Systems Management
  • Training
    • ArcGIS Online
    • ArcGIS Desktop