NPS-IS plans open up funding from the Ohio EPA.

Regulated MS4 areas represent 4% of the US land area and >80% of the population (2009, USEPA).

Code and Compliance

Whether you need assistance in modifying, creating, or updating your local stormwater codified ordinances, rules, or regulations, or if your municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4) program needs attention, we have the experience to help and protect your community.

Since the mid-1990’s the requirements for managing stormwater have increased at all levels of government. First it was water quantity management to reduce flooding, but addressing quality, operations and maintenance became the focus. The effort required to regulate, inspect, manage, operate, maintain and improve stormwater infrastructure can be overwhelming.


Our team can assist your organization in all planning, design, regulatory compliance, and construction of related stormwater management improvements. Understanding requirements and translating them into best practices to protect the community through codified ordinances, identifing deficiencies through an NPS-IS nine-element plan, and protecting the environment with improved quality management is something we want for our communities. Finally, the MS4 program has placed quite a bit of responsibility on the stormwater system owner. We have the skillset and experience to provide training, education, planning, and design assistance for your program.

Code and Compliance Services

  • NPS-IS Plans
  • Stormwater and Watershed Management Plans
  • Stormwater Code and Ordinance
  • Green Infrastructure and Greenway Planning
  • Stormwater Control Measure Condition Assessment and Asset Management
  • Water Quality Planning
  • Wetland Permitting
  • NPDES Permitting
  • Resiliency and Sustainability Planning