Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio


Environmental Design Group’s improvement recommendations created greater capacity for the environment to manage stormwater and reduce flooding.

Woodward Creek Drainage Study

The Woodward Creek drainage basin is comprised of approximately 960 acres of residential and commercial land in the northwest portion of the city. A two-mile section of Woodward Creek runs through the area and it is a natural, open channel with a variety of culverts where roads and driveways cross the channel.

Environmental Design group conducted a field review of the creek to identify and document areas of the channel that could be improved. Existing stormwater management basins were also reviewed to identify where maintenance was needed. The capacities of 22 culverts were located along the channel section, and a comparison of capacity to flow rates for a 25-year through 500-year storm events was established. Pipes having inadequate capacity were identified, and locations were established along the channel where stormwater management basins could be constructed.

Calculations were prepared to size each basin and associated flow control structure, and it was determined which improvements were in public right-of-way and which were on private property. Construction cost opinions were developed for the various improvements, and a summary of the completed tasks was prepared for use by the city to implement improvements.