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Unmasking the Monster: Overcoming Your Social Media Fear

Written by: Louis Marchand, Creative Designer

We have seen social media rapidly transform from a place to merely make social connections to a tool for business networking, collaboration paid advertising and much more. Social media platforms provide mass consumption levels of news, entertainment, family updates, inspiration and oftentimes valuable information. If your brand hasn’t already established its corner of the internet, the jump into the endless sea of content may seem daunting. After all, how do you guarantee consumers will find you or your audience will like your content? Without a map or strategy, you might find yourself swimming against the current. As unconquerable as it may seem, we have a few tips to help you navigate the digital sea of social media.

So, your social media presence isn’t quite where you’d like it to be? Maybe it is lackluster or simply nonexistent. Whether you’re worried about what content to post or wondering how to engage consumers on social media, launching your brand further into the collective consciousness of the internet is simpler than you think.

Social media, in its origins, meant building relationships. That core idea is still very much key to the success of your brand. It doesn’t always mean talking back and forth with your audience, but rather establishing a foundation of trust. It also means posting content that your audience expects. This expectation means you need to deliver valuable content to maintain your current audience and expand your reach. Remember, posting frequently and consistently raises the chances of being seen. Your visibility is (mostly) in your own hands.

You need to post frequently and consistently, but where do you get the content? Try brainstorming some larger content pieces at the beginning of each month and make lists at the beginning of each week for smaller content ideas. Writer’s block? Don’t stress about coming up with brilliant in-depth content for every post. Try simpler posts that are easily read, liked and shared (i.e. behind the scenes, employee spotlight, informative articles, upcoming events, project updates, etc.). The deep stuff is great to have, just not every time.

Of course, there are several additional aspects to consider when managing a corporate social media account, like how and when to respond to comments, who you should follow and how to promote your posts. Remember the core idea of social media and that your goal is to gain trust and build relationships. All it takes is a little bit of planning and creating and you’re off to a great start. The list seems endless, but manageable with the right resources.

We understand that your brand has unique needs and expectations and your audience has an equally long list. Social media management and graphic design are our bread and butter. Truly! The two complement each other and work towards solidifying your brand and audience into a curated, strategized message.

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If you’re looking to take a deep dive into your brand, widen your horizons or create a few captivating graphics, we can help! Our mission seeks to help you communicate and connect your brand to more people with exceptional design and impactful messaging. Don’t let social media be the monster in your closet, as it turns out, it may not be a monster at all.


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