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March 2023 Newsletter


BATS! – What’s the “Bat Window” and How Can It Affect Your Project?
Before the start of any construction project there are many details that should be addressed and planned for. Along with costs, professionally prepared plans and permits, nature-related restrictions need to be part of the discussion. One such restriction involves tree clearing as it relates to the natural habitat of bats. In the state of Ohio, if you are planning tree clearing, the USFWS recommends that it occur between October 1st and March 31st to accommodate the “bat window”. This is further supported by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) which protects and regulates the harm of species that occur in low numbers within the state. The reason for the date range is because bats typically hibernate over the winter in caves and abandoned mines and are less likely to be affected by tree clearing. Summer roosting habitats take effect in the late spring and summer months when bats roost in live or dead tree cavities, crevices and under loose bark putting them at risk if trees are being cleared. The trees with the highest bat “residency” tend to be oaks and maples but some species roost in hickory, elm, ash and occasionally pine trees. For any federally funded project or project that requires federal permits where tree clearing is proposed between April 1st and September 30th in Ohio, an ODNR approved bat survey should be performed to determine presence or probable absence of bats. Mist net surveys are conducted between June 1st and August 15th. Failure to conduct a survey will require strict adherence to the tree clearing date restriction. If a survey is conducted and probable absence of federally and state-listed endangered bats is recorded the findings are valid for a period of five years and tree clearing will be permitted outside the standard time frame. As you can see, failure to properly plan for the bat window can significantly delay the start or progression of your project costing both time and money. The team at EDG is committed to protecting the environment and is knowledgeable about this restriction and many others. We are here to help and can assist in connecting you with the appropriate agencies to answer your questions. Contact us for more information at 330-375-1390 or learn more about our services at: Environmental Solutions | Environmental Design Group (

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Know Your Brand.

Establishing your brand and knowing how to promote it can make all the difference in finding success or being another forgotten great idea. Brands are no longer just the logo you see on a roadside sign or letterhead. A fully developed brand showcases how you want to be perceived in your market and the community and results in engagement and feedback that can take your project or product to the next level. So, how do you get there? Read our recent blog post to learn what differentiates a brand and makes it memorable. What’s Your Brand? – Do You Know? Do They? - Environmental Design Group ( The team at EDG Creative, the marketing and branding group for Environmental Design Group, is here to help. Contact Carmen DeVeau ( for more information on our services or visit our website Marketing, Communication, Engagement, Creative Design | EDG Creative (
EDG News & Upcoming Events
  • Environmental Design Group is pleased to announce the opening of its new office in Marietta, OH.
  • A group of EDG associates will be traveling to Columbus on March 16thto attend the ACEC Ohio Engineering Excellence Awards Lunch where they will receive Honor Awards for their participation in four NE Ohio projects. The Excellence Awards spotlight engineering projects that demonstrate a high degree of uniqueness, ingenuity, and value.
  • EDG will be featured as an event sponsor for CREW Cleveland’s April 19thprogram on the economic development of the City of Lorain as a result of public/private partnerships. To learn more about the program visit CREW Cleveland - Events
  • Members of the Environmental Design Group team will be attending and exhibiting at the upcoming Ohio Stormwater Conference being held May 10-12 at Kalahari in Sandusky. EDG is a Platinum level sponsor for this event. Learn more at: Ohio Stormwater Conference | Comprehensive Stormwater Management (
  • COMING SOON: EDG Learning Seminars on the following topics. Details TBA.
    •  May - How to Secure State and Federal Funding for Your Next Project
    •  June - EDG Creative: Establishing Your Brand

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