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We helped our clients obtain $3.87 million in the first half of 2021 and that number will be almost $10 million by the end of September.

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We completed 14 safety studies in 2020-2021.

Safety Studies

We perform safety studies to assist communities in the identification of locations for safety improvement, evaluation of probable causes and solutions, and the funding to construct safety improvement countermeasures for all modes of roadway users.

Environmental Design Group’s transportation team assists communities in improving the safety of their roadway system through the identification, evaluation, and determination of probable causes of high crash locations. We then perform full or modified safety studies to fully assess the high crash location(s) and investigate predicted outcomes of safety improvement countermeasures. With this information, we assist the communities in selecting countermeasures for construction and applying for ODOT Highway Safety Improvement Program funds. Finally, we represent the community in presentations to ODOT District and Central Office Safety Committees in pursuit of safety improvement funding for the studied locations.


Our current safety clients are:

  • Portage County
  • Wayne County 
  • Summit County
  • Stark County
  • City of Green
  • City of Akron
  • City of Canton
  • Plus more on the way!

Safety Study Services

  • Identify Locations with High Crash Frequencies 
  • Determine Eligibility/Desirability of Locations for Funding
  • Evaluate High Crash Intersection(s) and Roadway Segment(s)
  • Assess Existing Conditions of Studied Location(s) 
  • Use of GORE Model (Geometry, Operations, Roadway Users, and Environment)
  • Determine Probable Causes of Crashes
  • Develop and Evaluate Safety Improvement Countermeasures
  • Perform Relevant Traffic Studies
  • Recommend Safety Improvement Countermeasures
  • Assist in Selection of Countermeasures for Construction
  • Cost Estimates
  • Full Safety Study or “Safety Study Lite”
  • Safety Funding Applications
  • Represent the Community in Presentations