Wayne County, Ohio


The Wayne County Engineer now understands the probable causes and recommended safety countermeasures to reduce the severity and frequency of crashes at these two intersections. We await the decision from ODOT on whether the County will receive 90% funding for a roundabout at each of these intersections. Total cost is $1.8 million at Smithville Western Road and Honeytown Road and $2.9 million at Carr Road and Hackett Road.

Smithville Western Road Safety Studies and Funding Applications

The safety studies evaluate the existing conditions, crash frequencies, possible causes for crashes, and potential safety improvement countermeasures for the two intersections in Wayne County, Ohio. The crash patterns of the intersections point to the construction of a rural roundabout for the largest impact and safety improvement (approximately 77%).

Environmental Design Group completed for each intersection: a Full Safety Study, a Highway Safety Improvement Program Full Application, and presented to ODOT to describe the conditions/findings and need for funding.