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Floods are the most common natural disaster in the United States.

Stormwater Design

Stormwater systems have shifted from a collection system that directs stormwater as fast as possible to the nearest stream to designing stormwater management systems for individual sites, roadways, subdivisions, etc. to minimize flooding and other impacts to the receiving streams.

As rainstorm events have increased in intensity and frequency, it's become apparent that communities must improve the resiliency of their stormwater infrastructure to protect life and the environment. Historically storm sewers were installed with no consideration that directing stormwater to the closest receiving stream could be an issue. However, flooding of areas downstream and the resultant legal battles required a change in stormwater management.

Using various software programs that model a stormwater collection system, we can better understand the impacts of the storm flow. Using that information to design stormwater management allows communities to detain stormwater to reduce flooding, erosion, impacts to aquatic life, etc. Often we don’t have the space to provide the maximum benefit, but we have learned through innovative ideas and approaches that we can still realize positive improvements for areas downstream of a project.

Design Services

  • Stormwater and Watershed Management Plans
  • Best Management Practices Planning and Design (BMP)
  • Collection System Planning
  • Hydrologic and Hydraulic Computer Modeling, Studies and Investigations
  • Pipe Condition Assessments
  • Collection System Rehabilitation Study and Design
  • Collection System Capacity Analysis
  • Collection System Design
  • Collection System Operations Analysis and Asset Management
  • Stormwater Pump Stations and Force Mains
  • Stormwater Management Planning
  • Stormwater Management Facility Design (water quantity and water quality)
  • Stormwater Management Facility Retrofit Planning and Design
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Design
  • Stormwater Culvert Inspections and Assessments
  • Stormwater Culvert Design
  • Petition Ditch Process
  • FEMA LOMR and Permitting
  • Pond Dredge Plans and Permitting