Stow, Ohio


This project will reduce the volume of water directed toward Graham Road allowing for reduced flooding, minimizing impacts to motorists, and allowing the police to use their limited resources in other ways.

Highland School/Lakeview School Stormwater Improvement

In front of the Highland School/Lakeview School campus, the City of Stow regularly experiences flooding conditions along Graham Road, a major east-west arterial roadway in the City. During most storm events, flow will sit on the roadway requiring the City to position a police vehicle in the right westbound lane to keep cars out of the flooded roadway.

Environmental Design Group performed a drainage study to determine the flow from the school campus. In addition, we were to design the maximum amount of stormwater storage possible on the open, unused land without impacting existing utilities or negatively impacting the use or configuration of existing school infrastructure such as sidewalks, the parking lot and access drives. The project included additional catch basins along the entrance drive and reprofiling the entrance drive to redirect stormwater into existing and the new catch basins.

Based on the available, open, unused land on the school campus and the existing ground elevations, it was determined that two separate detention ponds could be constructed, each having their own subwatershed tributary to the pond. The total stormwater volume that can be detained during a 25-year storm event is approximately 115,000 gallons of stormwater and during a 100-year storm event it is approximately 170,000 gallons of stormwater.