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We understand and have experience with all design aspects of a distribution system.

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We can assist with water rate studies.

Distribution Systems

A water distribution system can be simple or complex depending on many factors. However, with every waterline or booster pump station there is some aspect of the project that calls for innovation, consideration of impacts, and thoughtful sequencing of construction.

Designing a waterline extension is typically straight forward. Our favorite saying about waterlines is “5-foot deep, go that way (point with your hand), and don’t hit anything!” 


However, for a replacement waterline, our favorite saying doesn’t always apply. Typically, each project has a unique set of circumstances that require thoughtful and creative ideas. The key is the level of risk that is palatable to the client. Besides waterlines, distribution systems oftentimes require a booster pump station to push water to higher elevations to serve customers. 


To operate, maintain, and replace distribution system elements, it’s important water utility rates can generate the proper revenue while cognizant of the cost impact for the customers. We can assist with water rate studies to determine the proper water rates.

Distribution System Services

  • Asset Management Programs and Plans
  • Water Distribution System Planning
  • Water Distribution System Computer Modeling
  • Water Distribution System Improvement Studies
  • Water Distribution System Design
  • Transmission and Distribution Waterline Analysis and Design
  • Booster Pump Station Analysis and Design
  • Water Rate Studies