Wakeman, Ohio


• Mitigation of erosion effects through development of stormwater management system.

• Creation of a self-sustaining environment through composting toilets for sustainable land use.

• Educational resources on the value of sustainable practices.

Bellwether Farm Infrastructure Improvements

Environmental Design Group provided services for wastewater treatment, stormwater analysis, management and design of a water service. Environmental Design Group also developed a set of construction documents and a project manual with technical specifications related to this project.

The Episcopal Diocese of Ohio purchased land in Wakeman Township with the vision of creating an environmentally sustainable and educational camp and retreat center for their churches and the local community. Camp elements include organic farming, composting toilets (from which the compost byproducts will be used to fertilize inedible plantings) and a recycled water system that will reduce the amount of municipal water demand and waste. Educational components were added to camp elements to promote sustainability and environmental consciousness among guests. Featured practices included water reuse, rainwater harvesting, rain gardens, grassy swales, detention ponds, composting and farming