Our Services Include:

  • Active transportation plans
  • Complete streets plan and policy
  • Comprehensive plans
  • Corridor connectivity plans
  • GIS and spatial analysis
  • Land use plans
  • Master plans
  • Multi-modal transportation plans
  • Regional trail plans
  • Streetscape plans and designs
  • Zoning

The Community Impact People.

We start with planning, meaning that everyone can contribute. From large-scale regional plans, to neighborhood and corridor studies, we have the creative yet realistic vision to help shape your community at any scale.

Our team can help you develop your project vision, prioritize your goals, build consensus and understand costs to move your plans closer to reality.

Our planning and design professionals have a passion for revitalizing communities, connecting people to places and multi-modal integration. Widespread competencies with GIS and spatial analysis helps us account for site characteristics as we support informed decision-making and sustainable land use choices.

Environmental Design Group is known for our grant writing and funding acumen, raising millions of dollars to revitalize communities and restore ecological systems.

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