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Waterfront redevelopment improves economic development and quality of life.

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We evaluate current waterfront access and challenges.

Waterfront (Re)development

Our coastlines and riverfronts have long been seen as barriers or constraints, rather than the natural assets they are. We work with communities to define, access, and reinvigorate their connection to the water through impactful and sustainable designs.

Communities that capitalize on their waterfront access, rather than turning their back on it, are reaping the rewards in terms of vibrancy, economic development, recreation, and quality of life. Some of our region’s most sought-after experiences happen at and on our waterfronts, from a cold beer atop Cleveland Metropark’s Edgewater Beach House, to taking in the sunset at Lakewood’s Solstice Steps. These places did not happen by accident but were the result of communities rallying together to take back their waterfront and turn it into something that draws in visitors, economic development, residents, and new businesses. 


We work with our clients to evaluate their current waterfront access and challenges, which include shoreline surveys and stabilization to prevent further erosion, as well as full redevelopment plans that provide public park space and amenities in combination with market-driven mixed-use redevelopment.

Waterfront Redevelopment Services

  • Master Plans
  • Waterfront (Re)Development Plans
  • Lakefront Connectivity Planning & Design
  • Site Design
  • Highest and Best Use
  • Market Analysis
  • Mixed Use Development
  • Economic Development
  • Park/Open Space Planning & Design
  • Shoreline Restoration & Stabilization
  • Ecological/Environmental Assessments and Permitting
  • Topographic & Boundary Survey
  • Bathometric Survey
  • Utility Planning & Design
  • Habitat Restoration