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Our methods help move your vision forward.

We create tailored public engagement plans.

Public Engagement

Moving your vision from plan to reality can only be successful with the support of local stakeholders and the public. Our methods of project engagement and inclusive planning processes help develop support and enthusiasm to move your vision forward.

Giving a microphone to the public to share their thoughts, visions, ideas, and input during a planning process empowers local ownership amongst constituents. These individuals become local champions that support the transition from plan to implementation and form the grassroots enthusiasm to better our communities. 


We have proven experience delivering engaging, thoughtful, and interactive public involvement processes that leverage best practices of both in-person and remote components. We believe in going to the public to solicit ideas, rather than waiting or expecting them to come to us. Whether at a local fair or picnic, or in a digital Zoom forum during a global pandemic, we create tailored public engagement plans to support your project’s needs and unique challenges to build momentum from planning, to funding, and then building your community’s future.

Public Engagement Services

  • Stakeholder Outreach and Engagement
  • Public Outreach and Engagement
  • In-person and online formats
  • Live polling
  • Online surveys
  • Charrettes
  • Social Media
  • Website Design
  • Walk and Talks
  • Bike and Brainstorms
  • Government and Municipal Presentations