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Sustainable Stormwater Management in Linear Transportation Projects

Whether reducing quantity, improving quality or addressing both improvement measures; designing for good, effective and inexpensive stormwater management solutions can be a challenge, especially in physically constrained environments.

In this webinar, we will explore various stormwater best management practices, specifically related to linear transportation projects. Groundwater management, porous pavers, infiltration and bioretention design components will all be discussed, as well as creative environmental restoration measures. We will also discuss various stormwater and groundwater protection measures related to unexpected geotechnical failures and creative solutions that adhere to construction timelines.


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Michelle Johnson

Director of Community Planning & Design

Michelle Johnson has more than 10 years of experience in comprehensive planning, including transportation corridors, streetscapes, multi-modal plans, urban renewal plans and land use plans. She has a passion for complete streets, revitalizing urban communities, restoring ecological systems and supporting sustainable regional land use. She has extensive Project Management experience in community planning and complete streets projects as well as ODOT LPA trail design projects. She runs the Community Planning & Design Group at Environmental Design Group. As former Planning and Sustainability Team Manager for NOACA, Ms. Johnson has managed NOACA’s TLCI Program as well as their programs for transportation enhancement, water quality, air quality, traffic counts, design, sustainability and preliminary engineering. She has managed more than 75 planning projects, as well as a $6 million planning program to promote economic development, complete streets, sustainability, and transportation options for both pedestrians and bicyclists.