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Managing Conflict at Public Meetings

Public meetings are most effective when information and ideas are freely exchanged. However, conflict can prevent dialogue and a project suffers from the lack of collaboration. This webinar will present strategies to implement for conflict management for the benefit of the project and to maintain positive relationships with the public.


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Frank Bronzo

Principal – Field Services

As Director for the firm’s government client service group, Frank is responsible for leading teams that execute projects related to transportation infrastructure, water, wastewater, stormwater management, construction administration and inspection. As Project Manager for ODOT Task Order Construction contracts, Mr. Bronzo has an overall CES score of 93% and recently received a 90% under the new CES scoring system. Frank’s experience in civil engineering includes project inspection, design, project management, budgetary tracking and monitoring. He specializes in transportation infrastructure improvements; engineering studies; inspection; construction supervision; contract document preparation and review; storm sewer systems; and water and wastewater systems.