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Green Infrastructure Guardianship: 10 Benefits to Prescriptive Operations and Maintenance (POM)

In the quest to continually improve return on investment for Green Infrastructure and Stormwater Management, Prescriptive Operations & Maintenance (POM) can offer realistic and tangible near-term benefits, but not without navigating some hurdles. This presentation will use real world lessons learned performing O&M for a variety of Green Infrastructure and Stormwater Management programs.


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Katherine Holmok

Landscape Architect

Katherine is a seasoned landscape architect who has spent 22 years focusing on developing stormwater solutions that are beautiful, functional, buildable, maintainable and especially, publicly cherished. She started her career developing, managing, programming and maintaining stream and wetland restoration parks and projects for five different regional metropolitan park districts. Representing the tax payers as a steward of the environment on these projects early in her career provided the foundation for her public service minded career.