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Unique Perspective: A Journey Showing How Staff See Current Projects from Their Point of View

Written by: Environmental Design Group

Images that capture a fleeting moment in time shows the true meaning of a great photograph. At Environmental Design Group, nature dominates our vision, and over the last few months, a staff challenge to capture photos of the work they do every day was executed. The purpose of this challenge was to engage staff in projects they feel most passionate about by seeing it from their “unique perspective.”

Environmental Design Group is committed to the future of people, places and nature by working on projects that provides the greatest impact for the communities we serve. These vibrant moments were captured to offer a glimpse into how each staff member is committed to project nurture and success. Not only was this exercise a source of education and inspiration, but it also provided a venue for staff to express their own thoughts and visions.

At the end of the challenge, Environmental Design Group ended up with more than 230 images of various projects spanning every service group in our organization. Check out the videos below showing the artwork captured.

During the month of August, check our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter feeds for a “unique perspective” of the day highlighting our staff’s work with a story behind the image.

On August 17, staff will showcase their vision during our annual open house, which will include an art exhibition of staff work. Creativity, a camera, the perfect setting and timing have created the perspectives shown below, and we’re proud of the impact staff are making each day. #uniqueperspective.

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