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We design systems that are easy and intuitive to operate.

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Our designs focus on how best to treat raw water.

Water Treatment

Whether the source is ground water or surface water, the water treatment process used to produce clean and safe drinking water for an agency’s customers is the first step in providing one of the essential elements for life.

The treatment process for ground water is different from surface water for obvious reasons.  While iron, manganese and arsenic, for example, are primary and/or secondary contaminants associated with ground water sources, pollutants such as silts, sediments, e-coli, etc. picked up by surface water runoff impacts the water drawn from rivers, streams, lakes, and reservoirs for surface water treatment plants.  


Our experience with both ground water and surface water treatment allows our design team to creatively use existing technology that provides our clients designs that are cost-effective while also meeting existing regulatory requirements with an eye on future requirements. Our designs focus not only on how best to treat the raw water, but we pride ourselves on designing systems that are easy and intuitive to operate and provide the ability to be maintained by agency staff wherever possible. 

Water Treatment Services

  • Water Treatment Plant Design and Upgrades
  • Water Treatment Package Plant Design
  • Chemical Process Optimization and Design
  • Water Treatment Plant Operations and Optimization
  • Water Rate Studies