Marshallville, Ohio


We assisted the Village of Marshallville by developing a general plan for long term water system improvements. The existing water plant is more than 34 years old and will require a significant investment to maintain its operation.

Marshallville Water Plant Improvements

The Village is considering the rehabilitation, replacement or abandonment of the existing water treatment plant. Pursuant to OAC Rule 3745-91-02 (C), a general plan is required. In addition, the Village is considering applying to the Water Supply Revolving Loan Account (WSRLA) to help fund this endeavor.

The Village of Marshallville contracted with Environmental Design Group to prepare a general plan for water system improvements to comply with OAC 3745-90-05(B). This plan includes the evaluation of options and the recommendation of a preferred option for supplying drinking water to the Village of Marshallville. The purpose of this report is to fulfill the requirements of the general plan submittal including:

  • Introduction and purpose
  • Description of existing facilities
  • Discussion of the need for the project
  • Discussion of options considered, including rehabilitation, replacement, or abandonment of the existing treatment plant
  • Recommendation of preferred option
  • Schedule of implementation for preferred option