A large percentage of precipitation has come in the form of intense single-day events. Nine of the top 10 years for extreme one-day precipitation events have occurred since 1990.

H&H Modeling

Hydrologic and Hydraulic (H&H) Modeling is used in engineering analysis to evaluate our waterbodies, pipes, culvert, and rainfall to see how they impact the land. An H&H Model enables our team to evaluate impacts of various development or restoration scenarios and identify the challenges or benefits.

H&H Modeling is essential for planning and designing infrastructure improvements that will satisfy current and projected water system needs. A hydrologic model can generate stream flow estimates and trends over long periods. Our team utilizes a variety of modeling software systems to best predict the uncertain changes in future land use and weather patterns to ensure success for our clients projects.

H&H Modeling Services

  • Stream and Streambank Modeling
  • Dam Inundation Study, Dam Break Analysis, & Spillway/Embankment Design
  • Floodplain and Wetland Restoration & Mapping 
  • Citywide/Regional Stormwater & Green Infrastructure Master Planning
  • Site Planning
  • Software experience include:
    • HecRAS, HECGeoRas, HMS
    • TR55
    • HydroCAD
    • Pond pack
    • AutoCAD Civil 3D