Stark County, Ohio


The Villages Association, Inc. (Petitioners) and the Stark County Engineer were educated to the petition ditch process, costs associated with proposed improvements, and identified alternative solutions.

Nobles Pond Ditch Petition

Environmental Design Group prepared a watershed H&H Model, conducted on-site reconnaissance of contributing issues, and identified potential costs of construction.

Ohio’s drainage laws include the single county ditch law, commonly known as the “petition ditch law”. Various types of improvements are possible under Ohio’s petition ditch laws including reconstruction, reconditioning (clearing debris), widening, deepening, altering, etc. of any ditch.

The Villages Association, Inc. (Petitioner), has filed a petition with the Stark County Board of Commissioners pursuant to O.R.C. Chapter 61 requesting improvement of the Rudy Friedman Ditch and Nobles Pond.

Our team supported the County Engineer in the preparation of an H&H Model, conceptual options for flood reduction, and preliminary cost estimate of the proposed improvement. The developed PE report listed all factors apparent, both favorable and unfavorable to the proposed improvement, so that the petitioners may be informed as to what is involved. In addition to reporting on the improvement as petitioned, the team submitted alternate proposals to accomplish the payer of the petition.