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Campground Due Diligence and Master Planning

Whether you have a new or existing campground, Environmental Design Group provides master planning services, including comprehensive site and utility design to help you rethink, refocus, and reimagine your property to enhance guest experiences, increase revenue and maximize your campground business plan.


Through site development, we work to find potential in your property and overcome issues that may impede your project. We can design campground layouts plans that create neighborhoods, analyze a property to determine the number of campsites that will fit, and correct chronic problem areas.

Additionally, we can reimagine your campground and/or amenities to attract new campers to your site and walk you through the steps to achieve cost-effective solutions that showcase exciting destinations and provide safe places to play while encouraging campers to stay longer.

  • 85% of our projects are with repeat clients


Out of sight, but not out of mind! Well - designed campground layout plans for utilities can minimize risk, reduce operational costs, and free up land for additional campsites, cabins, or amenities. We can provide engineering solutions that support campground expansion, address current problems, assist in connecting to municipal services, and design complete on-site systems. Our success is delivering the best solutions for your site.

Our Campground Site Utility Master Planning has resulted in thousands of dollars in savings, including:

  • Reduced water and sewer pipe = $85,000
  • Streamlined sewer treatment system = $125,000
  • Reconfigured stormwater collection = $400,000

Due diligence on the front end results in savings on the back end.

Master Planning Services

  • Master Planning – Full Service and Mini Plan Options
  • Due Diligence and Feasibility Analysis
  • Site, Facility, and Environmental Assessments
  • GIS Mapping and Analytics
  • Architectural and Landscaping Planning and Concepts
  • Site Utility Planning
  • Stormwater Management
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Preliminary Construction Cost Estimates
  • Construction Phasing Plans
  • Illustrative 2D and 3D Renderings
  • Grant Coordination and Writing
  • Campground Branding
  • Community Outreach, Engagement, and Public Involvement

Master Planning Projects