Cleveland, Ohio


Nine schools were located within the study area for this project, so the safety of the school children traveling by foot and bike throughout the corridor was an extremely important factor in the plan.

West 65th Street Corridor Plan

Environmental Design Group provided planning services for the Corridor Plan, focusing on multi-modal connectivity and following complete streets guidelines to accommodate all users and modes of transportation within the roadway. A detailed traffic analysis revealed excess capacity along the corridor and the ability for a lane reduction, or a road diet.

West 65th Street is one of the only major north/south corridors on the west side of the City of Cleveland. Its placement is conducive to variable flows in traffic because of its proximity to I-71, yet its role is also connecting the local neighborhoods of Detroit Shoreway and Stockyard, Clark-Fulton & Brooklyn Centre — because of its proximity to downtown Cleveland. The corridor stretches for more than two miles from Father Caruso Drive to the north and Denison Avenue to the south.

The project was informed by public input and several technical advisory committees, including a meeting that specifically sought the feedback of on-road bicyclists that lived in the neighborhood. The West 65th Street Corridor Plan was funded through Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency’s TLCI program.