Greater Toronto, Canada


“Your session equally scared the hell out of me and made me really ponder things that I had yet to consider as we plan for the upcoming summer.” Jeff Rose, Director

UJA Federation of Greater Toronto

As a catalyst for change, the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto aims to ensure the future vibrancy and vitality of the community by building organizational capacity, fostering lifelong Jewish journeys and resource development. As one of their many outreach programs, they help support immersive camp experiences for youth and young adults with a partnership with over twenty overnight and day camps in the greater Toronto region.

In effort to provide information and support services to help camps better prepare for COVID-19 during the summer 2021 camp season, EDG provided a set of recommendations to help reduce the spread of contagious diseases at camp, facilitated a virtual work session, and provided one-on-one follow up sessions as needed.