Tallmadge, Ohio


The end goal is to enable all residents in Tallmadge to receive high-speed internet, encourage residential development, and encourage businesses to invest in the region.

Tallmadge Municipal Broadband Utility Branding & Communications Project Page

The City of Tallmadge contracted with Environmental Design Group and EDG Creative to complete a high-speed broadband feasibility study. The finished study raised excitement within the community and the City’s leadership are actively looking at ways to raise capital and implement the business plan.

EDG Creative provided project branding, marketing communications, outreach surveys, and final ROI reporting. Branding allows the project to establish a unique identity and consistent utilization of the project’s logo and cohesive branding across various channels, including social media, ensured a unified and professional appearance, fostering a sense of cohesion and reliability. Clear and concise messaging helps educate stakeholders about the advantages of high-speed fiber and its potential impact. The integration of survey statistics into social media posts served to maintain community engagement, enabling residents to remain informed and connected with the project’s progress.