Who We Are

The community impact people.

At Environmental Design Group, shaping the future of our community is what drives our business. Questioning the status quo, creating visionary solutions and bringing ideas to life are only a few reasons for our passion! Our open, collaborative work style supports a creative approach to solving our clients’ most challenging issues.

Let us show you how we can make your vision come to life while creating the greatest impact in your community.

The community impact people make a difference in:

  • Civil engineering
  • Community planning
  • Construction management
  • Environmental services
  • Landscape architecture
  • Surveying
  • Water resources

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Thinking Smart City Integration? Introducing Driverless Technology

Written by: Frank Bronzo, Principal As a transportation professional, I wrote a previous blog about the future of transportation, and driverless cars, and how transportation infrastructure will soon be flipped on its head. I suggested a call to action for the transportation industry to be committed to finding out how much safer our roads could…
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Featured Blog Post

Everyone Wants Clean Drinking Water…

Written by: George Sendrey, P.E., Project Manager …but no one thinks much about it – until it isn’t there or a potential water quality issue arises, such as the lead issue in Flint, Michigan. The average consumer generally assumes the water they drink is safe and the water bill they pay is enough to cover…
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Imagine A Day Without Water

With all the division in our government, it is easy to forget there are some policy priorities that cut across party lines and geographical boundaries. Constituents may have different opinions on health care and tax reform, but they have a lot in common too. When it comes to the essentials, we really do have more…
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