We understand the unique design needs of a behavioral healthcare facility.

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We strive to create spaces that will help patients relax and be open to receiving treatment.

Behavioral Health

At Environmental Design Group, we understand the unique design needs of a behavioral healthcare facility and strive to help people get better while maintaining an intense focus on keeping patients and staff safe.

With a growing number of mental disorders among U.S. adults, design teams are being called upon to design specialized psychiatric facilities where patients can be treated quickly and with dignity. In an effort to help patients heal and return to functional life outside of the facility, we need to keep patients and staff safe. That requires us to taking steps to create outdoor environments that deter patients from exhibiting harmful behavior to themselves or others, while at the same time, avoiding designs that feel cold and prison-like. We strive to create spaces that help visitors feel relaxed, calm, and open to receiving treatment. This requires looking at the design process differently.

Behavioral Health Services

  • Surveying 
  • Environmental Due Diligence Services
  • Traffic Studies and Roadway Design
  • Master Planning and Site Development
  • Site Evaluation and Feasibility Studies
  • Site Utilities and Stormwater Management
  • Detailed Design and Construction Documents
  • Bidding and Construction Phase Services