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Permitting Steps: Evaluate

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Permitting and Compliance

Our team will help you avoid, minimize, and mitigate ecological and environmental impacts. We understand regulatory issues and stay up to date on current guidance. The benefit to our clients is time and cost savings The benefit to the environment is maintaining and enhancing functioning ecosystems.

We understand agency reporting requirements and maintain excellent relationships with state and federal regulators. We stay up to date on regulatory changes and strategize to provide permitting solutions in a shortened time frame. Our knowledge and experience with the regulatory permitting process, coupled without long-standing relationships with regulators allows us to complete the permitting process efficiently and effectively. 

Permitting and Compliance Services

  • Jurisdictional Determination Request
  • National Historic Preservation Act Coordination
  • Endangered Species Act Coordination 
  • Clean Water Act (Section 408/Section 404/Section 401) Permitting 
  • Rivers and Harbors Act (Section 10/Section 9) Permitting
  • Isolated Wetland and Ephemeral Stream Permitting
  • Compensatory Mitigation Plans
  • Annual Monitoring and Compliance Reports
  • NPDES Permitting 
  • SWPPP Preparation 
  • NEPA Documentation 
  • Construction Observation 
  • Remedial Recommendations 
  • Compliance Documentation 

Permitting and Compliance Projects