Tallmadge, Ohio


This project will provide an upgrade to Fire Station #2 in the City of Tallmadge with an expanded facility that provides access to the surrounding neighborhood. The project will also provide interior and exterior training facilities which will help safety personnel. By providing this upgrade, the City of Tallmadge can better serve and protect the community and provide emergency personnel with upgraded equipment and technologies.

Tallmadge Fire Station #2

Environmental Design Group provided surveying services for the site topographic and boundary survey, as well as site civil design and landscape architecture services for design of the fire station facility.

Tallmadge Fire Station #2 is an existing fire station located at the intersection of Eastwood Avenue and Southeast Avenue in Tallmadge, Ohio. The existing fire station is outdated and undersized and requires a complete demolition and construction of a new, larger facility at this location. The new fire station will include a truck apparatus bay to accommodate eight vehicles with four double-sided bays. The facility will also include a training center with an interior meeting room to accommodate up to 80 participants, temporary staff residences, administrative offices and a small exhibition room showcasing the history of fire services in Tallmadge.

The site will include design for truck access from all sides and to all surrounding streets, full utility services for the facility including sanitary, water, power and gas services, and updated stormwater management facilities. Landscaping around the building and throughout the site will also be included with this design.