Marshallville, Ohio


The completed waterline to Orrville will allow the Village of Marshallville to provide higher quality water to its customers. In addition, the Village will face a lower regulatory burden as a secondary water system, allowing the Village to utilize their limited funds for other critical infrastructure items.

Orrville Waterline Connection and Booster Station

The Village of Marshallville is considering the rehabilitation, replacement or abandonment of the existing water treatment plant and they completed a general plan to prepare for that project. The Village utilized the general plan to secure a $500,000 grant from Ohio Public Works Commission and the Village is considering applying to the Water Supply Revolving Loan Account (WSRLA) to help fund this endeavor.

Environmental Design Group will provide engineering and survey design of 15,000 feet of 8-inch waterline from the City of Orrville to the Village of Marshallville, including a pressure booster station as well as abandonment and decommissioning of the existing water plant. The booster station will work in conjunction with the existing water tower to provide adequate water pressure within the Village water system. Our team will assist the Village of Marshallville with the application for funds to assist the construction of this project. We have already received a $500,000 grant from OPWC for this project and will utilize the general plan to submit for WRSLA funding in early 2020.