Geauga County, Ohio


The improvements are part of ODOT’s transportation system maintenance program, specifically addressing structural issues and hydraulic capacity for these culverts, and thus ensuring safety for all roadway users in Lake and Geauga Counties.

ODOT District 12 Culvert Replacements

As part of ODOT’s transportation system maintenance program, eight roadway culverts in Lake and Geauga Counties were identified for replacement. The improvements address structural issues, ensure hydraulic capacity, and improve safety. Our team was contracted with ODOT to perform field survey, prepare project base mapping, preliminary engineering study for culvert replacements, construction drawings, right-of-way plans, construction cost estimates, and perform various environmental field studies for the project.

Environmental Design Group’s tasks included detailed field location and topographic survey, preparation of a project base plan and a preliminary engineering study for the replacement of each culvert, in addition to preparing construction drawings, right-of-way plans, and construction cost estimates, and performing various environmental field studies. The preliminary engineering study included hydraulic analyses, wetland impacts, water quality analysis, utility impacts, right-of-way impacts, design exceptions, conceptual maintenance of traffic, replacement pavement design, and estimated construction costs.

From the completed study and project base mapping, we advanced the engineering design and construction drawing preparation for nine culverts including general notes, roadway typical sections, roadway plan and profile sheets, roadway cross sections, culvert detail sheets, maintenance of traffic plans, pavement marking and signage plans, summary sheets, right-of-way plans, and legal descriptions. Out team also performed the ecological services study and report.