Geauga County, Ohio


By rehabilitating or replacing the currently deficient culverts, potential flooding issues will be averted and the overall integrity of the roads will be maintained.

ODOT District 12 Culvert Designs

Environmental Design Group was retained by American Structurepoint to provide general engineering services for ODOT District 12 (PID 99998). Our team performed the preliminary engineering study for replacement and/or rehabilitation of the culverts. In addition, we prepared preliminary construction plans, assessed impacts on utilities, assessed need for additional right-of-way, determined if design exceptions to standard roadway design were required, and prepared an estimate of construction costs.

Located among the rural Amish communities of Geauga County are four state-maintained culverts slated by the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) for replacement or rehabilitation. Three culverts, GEA-88-4.79, GEA-88-5.57, and GEA-88-5.95, are located along SR 88 (Nash Road) in Parkman Township. The fourth, GEA-528- 14.34, is located on SR 528 (Madison Road) in Montville Township. As part of the ODOT program to improve the quality and efficiency of its infrastructure, District 12 performed an inventory and inspection of roadway culverts in its jurisdiction. The culverts included in this project were structurally deficient and in need of various degrees of repair. A Preliminary Engineering Study (PES) was conducted to perform a hydraulic capacity analysis of the culverts and to assess if rehabilitation or replacement would be practical to address the deficiencies.