Norton, Ohio


The flood study gathered data oriented towards relieving flooding in the area to improve safety in the area.

New Park Drive Flood Control

The project area is located in the Interstate Industrial Park on New Park Drive. The street and parking lots flooded with water overflowing from Wolf Creek after severe storms in upstream areas of the watershed. Wolf Creek crested in this area a day or two after the rainfall event. The water backed up through the storm sewer systems and inundated the area.

The project included capacity evaluation of the existing stormwater infrastructure including pipes, catch basins, retention basins, ditches, culverts and bridge openings. Additionally, Environmental Design Group assisted the City in applying for funding and financial assistance.

A hydraulic analysis of the stream from the Barber Road bridge north to Summit Road utilizing the FEMA flood plain analysis and data was developed. Several stream level sensors were installed to determine the rate of rise and peak elevations during and after rain events. An updated HEC-RAS model was used to evaluate current conditions, and after these evaluations were completed, detailed plans for replacement of roadway, storm sewers, catch basins and sanitary sewers were prepared in accordance with current standards.