New Philadelphia, Ohio


Far beyond a standard survey, the analysis included detailed information for specific user groups based on age groups, usage patterns, park preferences, and special interests overlaid with national, state, and regional trends in outdoor recreation that will allow MWCD to better position their investments for future growth and long-term sustainability.

MWCD Park Amenity and Activity Survey and Design

In 2012-2013, Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District (MWCD) initiated a comprehensive planning process to develop a parks and recreational facilities, services, and programs master plan. Since that time, core infrastructure, overnight accommodations, and basic amenities have been upgraded at six of the major campgrounds. This project initiates the next stage of improvements that focus on creating landmark destinations that attract a diverse group of users.

We developed a multi-pronged approach including a communications plan, literature review, online survey, and focus group meetings that were grounded in collaboration and dialogue to move the community and MWCD toward a shared vision. In the end, we analyzed data from over 3,800 online surveys and 100 focus group participants to understand stakeholder priorities for future park investments, reviewed over 25 industry reports, and provided monthly communication updates for distribution through MWCD social media outlets.