New Philadelphia, Ohio


Preparation for successful grant applications is not only knowing the deadline, but also understanding and communicating the key points to grants require to develop a compelling, competitive project.

MWCD Grant Writing Services

Through a Master Service Agreement contract in its second year, our team provides monthly updates on upcoming grants, past grant award reimbursement/reporting dates, and discusses project strategies with staff grants steering committee. Each monthly meeting, our team provides agenda, meeting minutes, updates to grant deadlines, and general funding news.

During these specific project/grant strategy meetings, the team identifies pros and cons of the grants, key grant permits, studies, submittals, resolutions, support letters, and application strategy. From this meeting, our team either provides a proposal for grant writing support services or the MWCD staff write the grant application with our review or support. For these applications, we have provided mapping, draft letters of support, draft resolutions, draft easements, conceptual plans, conceptual project schedules and costs.