Akron, Ohio


State of the art technologies including a new Geoprobe 54 LT limited access unit, were used to collect samples beneath the building on property. Rotosonic drilling was used to install a monitoring well into the Berea sandstone (302’ BGS), which helped demonstrate protection of the deep groundwater zone.

Middlebury Renewal Area Phase I & II

Environmental Design Group performed both Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments. Our team took the lead in preparing the successful Clean Ohio Grant Application for the site. Middlebury Marketplace includes several neighborhood amenity businesses, and a recent medical clinic addition operated by Akron Children’s Hospital. More than 160 jobs have been created through this single development.

The Middlebury project was located in a decaying part of the city, which has become a very high profile remediation project. With community support, the site was built into a grocery store shopping center. The City was awarded a $2.8 million Clean Ohio Revitalization Fund Grant which addressed soil and groundwater contamination. The site shared complex geology and hydrogeology, which was further complicated by pervious long-term industrial use. Both widespread gasoline and chlorinated solvent contamination was found. Free phase gasoline was found in the deeper bedrock aquifer flowing in a separate direction from the chlorinated solvents in the overlying sand and gravel. A Ground Penetrating Radar was used to investigate the suspect UST area.