Akron, Ohio


The intention is to make the corridor safer for the traveling public. Currently, the application is under review.

Main Street North Hill Corridor Study

The City of Akron enlisted Environmental Design Group to study a 2-mile segment of North Main Street, in the North Hill district, to determine probable causes of crashes, investigate and recommend safety improvement countermeasures, incorporate pedestrian and bicycle facilities along the routes, and to complete a Highway Safety Improvement Program applications for funding.

Environmental Design Group produced a full Safety Study report according to ODOT Safety Study Guidelines. The investigation included documentation of the partial roadway safety audit performed on site, an investigation into probable causes, evaluation of potential countermeasures, various traffic analyses, recommendations, and a cost estimate. The Safety Study was submitted to ODOT District 4 along with an application for funding. Environmental Design Group recommended a road diet for the corridor, complete street modifications including pedestrian and bicycle facilities, new pavement markings at intersections, adjusted traffic signal cycles and timing, guardrail at a high crash curve, and traffic calming elements.