Akron, Ohio


Cost-effective green infrastructure elements are knitted into this urban neighborhood, providing co-benefits such as community gardens, redevelopment opportunities, symbiotic neighborhood programming and, most importantly, maintainable projects.

Kelly Green Project Rack 3

Under the management of Environmental Design Group, the Kelly Green Project (CSO Rack 3) green infrastructure design in the East Akron neighborhood will reduce combined sewer overflows using elements of green infrastructure such as bioretention, subsurface gravel wetlands, stormwater wetlands and infiltration basins.

As part of the Akron Waterways Renewed Program, the Kelly Green Project evaluates and designs green infrastructure opportunities associated with the City of Akron’s Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Long-Term Control Plan and Integrated Plan. The goal of the City’s current CSO Long-Term Control Plan is to achieve zero CSO events in Rack 3 in a typical year to improve water quality in nearby streams and rivers.