Geauga County, Ohio


This project addresses safety concerns on a top-ranked segment of roadway from the Geauga County Amish Safety Strategic Plan.

GEA 608-3.09 Buggy Lane

Environmental Design Group provided survey, design and plan development for roadway widening and drainage improvements for SR 608. Other tasks included public involvement and stakeholder coordination, culvert extension and right-of-way plan development.

This safety project includes the widening of SR 608 (Old State Road) shoulders from 775’ south of Nauvoo Road to approximately 2,500’ north of Burton-Windsor Road in Middlefield Township.

SR 608 traffic includes Amish road users, which contributes to safety concerns. There is a high population density of Amish community in the area and SR 608 is a link to Middlefield Village. Countermeasures considered to mitigate conflicts between motorized vehicles and Amish road users include the addition of 8’ shoulders northbound and southbound, plus the addition of northbound right-turn lanes at Burton-Windsor Road and Nauvoo Road.