Copley Township, Ohio


The policy ensures that all users of the transportation network experience an effective, functional, and visually attractive environment while traveling safely and conveniently on and across all surface transportation within Copley Township.

Complete Streets Policy & Active Transportation Zoning Code Audit

Copley Township was awarded a $17,500 grant for consultant services from the Summit County Department of Public Health to focus on improving public health outcomes through the development of a Complete Streets Policy and Active Transportation Zoning Code audit that promoted multimodal connectivity within the Township. Active Stakeholders throughout the project included the Summit County Engineer’s Office, ODOT, AMATS, Summit County Public Health and Copley Township.

Environmental Design Group was hired to author the Complete Streets Policy and conduct active and engaging stakeholder and public involvement during the policy development process. Environmental Design Group also conducted a full Active Transportation audit on the Copley Zoning Code and, where necessary, rewrote/updated the zoning code to accommodate the Complete Streets Policy. Zoning code updates included: reducing minimum yard setbacks in commercial and industrial areas, requiring new buildings and parking areas to construct a sidewalk and/or shared use path as part of the development project, adding required number of bicycle parking spaces to the Vehicular Parking and Loading Requirements and specifying bicycle parking locations and location standards for all new development within the Township.