Canton, Ohio


Located in the heart of downtown Canton, this project improved the look and feel of the downtown environment while improving pedestrian and bicycle facilities.

City of Canton Market Avenue South Improvements

This project involved roadway reconfiguration of a major thoroughfare in the heart of downtown Canton, Ohio, to provide improved pedestrian and bicycle facilities, aesthetics, signalization, and lighting.

Environmental Design Group provided field survey and basemapping, maintenance of traffic design, traffic signal and lighting design, landscaping design, and pedestrian and roadway improvement design. The project reduced the roadway from a five-lane section to a three lane section, providing additional space to create a bike lane in each direction, improved on street parking, tree lawns, and widened sidewalks. Brick walk sections, new lighting, and landscaping brought the area’s design in line with other areas of improved roadway within the City. Curb bump outs were created at intersections, shortening pedestrian walking distances through intersections. This project was delivered on a shortened design schedule to allow construction to be completed in time for the Hall of Fame Weekend events in the city.