Wilmot, Ohio


Provided Akron-Canton Airport more parking convenience, saving time for travelers. Restoring the channel at the Wilderness Center benefits the natural environment.

Wilderness Center Stream Mitigation

The Akron-Canton Airport’s (CAK) plan for parking improvements resulted in an impact to approximately 200 feet of open drainage channel located between two existing storm sewers. The project goal was to obtain the necessary environmental permit, so that the channel could be piped.

The Akron-Canton Airport selected Environmental Design Group to provide environmental, surveying, design, bidding, and construction services for permitting and mitigation associated with piping 200 feet of existing drainage channel. The project included preparing USACE 404 permit application for impacts to the existing open channel and developing a plan to mitigate the loss at the channel. Prepared detailed construction drawings to transform the farm channel to 750 feet of natural stream and improve 150 feet of the same channel at its confluence with a larger creek. Design techniques included determination of the appropriate sinuosity for the new channel; HEC-RAS analysis to determine the appropriate channel slope, width, depth, side slopes to accept flows through the 100-year event.