New York City, New York


Facility improvements can be very expensive! The recommendations were aligned with the camp’s overarching mission and vision and designed to enhance positive camper, staff, and guest experiences and outcomes.

AHRC Support Services

AHRC New York City (AHRC NYC) is a multidimensional organization committed to finding ways for people with intellectual and other disabilities to build full and productive lives. It operates two sleepaway camps in upstate New York that provide campers and staff with the opportunity to escape the city and immerse themselves in a unique and supportive community.

AHRC NYC reached out to EDG to provide recommendations and facilitate interactive work sessions to help them better prepare for COVID-19 during the summer 2021 camp season.

Recommendations focused on the “must dos”, low hanging fruit, and the crossovers (synergies) where strategies not only help reduce the risks of infection but can also benefit long term camp planning and camp experiences for campers, staff, and guests.

The specific strategies addressed the basic categories of transmission – physical distancing, contact transfer, and aerosol contaminants and were applied to specific camp buildings including the dining hall, health center, cabins, restrooms, and staff work areas. The project has been extended to include a full camp master plan project which will be completed in 2022.