Akron, Ohio


The Summit Lake Master Plan is a critical element of Akron’s Reimagining the Civic Commons efforts to better connect civic assets and foster social inclusion for people of all backgrounds. Helping residents rediscover Summit Lake as a regional recreation destination and improve its conditions.

Summit Lake Master Plan

Environmental Design Group was responsible for the creation of a specific, yet adaptable, master plan. This was accomplished with the investigation of market conditions, site and regional analyses, environmental review and program development.

Once a thriving recreational destination, Summit Lake was damaged by industrial waste. Entities have worked to restore the lake and surrounding neighborhoods. These efforts have culminated in the collaborative approach led by Environmental Design Group. This approach integrated years of input and groundwork to craft a plan that is respectful and integrative while adaptable enough to serve as a destination for regional visitors.

A trail plan connecting individual nodes was tailored to the neighborhoods and connections. The nodes closest to the neighborhoods consist of programmed spaces such as community gardens, splash pads and playgrounds. Interstitial nodes embrace the regional uses such as an amphitheater and retail spaces. This multidimensional approach embraces the needs of the user while taking advantage of the land surrounding Summit Lake.