Northfield, Ohio


EDG Creative provided V2 with a branded logo for their exclusive event. The new logo not only supports the message and focus of the event, but elevates the Client's presence and influence in the marketplace.

V2 Logo Branded Event

EDG Creative developed a strategic messaging campaign for V2's exclusive event. Our team worked in collaboration with V2 executives to plan, develop, and produce a unique logo and name. This project included planning, production, communication, and delivery of custom event marketing materials.

Our team developed a strategic messaging campaign for V2’s exclusive event. Through the creation and development of a branded logo and name, V2 was able to raise awareness and reinforce the purpose of their event. EDG Creative branded this exclusive event and aided in planning, producing, and delivering logo creations for V2. Our team worked collaboratively with V2 to provide efficient communication on the use of marketing collateral provided.