Kent, Ohio


Environmental Design Group provided surveying and engineering services to relocate a section of sanitary sewer that had a poor structural condition and was located too close to an existing waterline to meet the EPA guidelines.

River Street Sanitary Sewer System Replacement

This project consisted of replacing approximately 925 feet of 8-inch sanitary sewer on River Street between West Main Street and Haymaker Parkway. The replacement of the sanitary sewer was necessary because of the structural condition of the pipe and to provide a minimum 10’ clearance from the existing waterline.

The detailed design utilized Ten State Standards, City of Kent Standards, general notes, construction details, and Ohio EPA requirements and included surveying, soil borings/pavement cores, hydraulic analysis, detailed plans, technical specifications, project manual, an engineer’s estimate of probable construction cost, and an Ohio Permit to Install.

Water and wastewater services were maintained during construction. New manholes were installed in similar locations; existing laterals were reconnected to the new sanitary sewer. Due to redevelopment in the area, there were approximately 30 laterals along this section, but only four active buildings. The geotechnical investigation indicated that significant rock layer ran along the entire sewer alignment. The design of the relocated sewer required a 10’ rock cut for the southern end of the project.